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Find Your Balance Anytime, Anywhere!

Online Barre, Pilates and Movement Studio for Any Body, Anytime.

Transform your life through meaningful movement that meets you where you’re at.

Progress Over Perfection...

Heather Corey Fitness Online Community is home to real people making real incremental changes to improve how they feel through movement. No unrealistic expectations or cookie-cutter solutions - just an authentic group of health-conscious humans moving toward something magical, celebrating one sustainable step at a time.

Are You Ready To..

  • Try fun and engaging online movement classes?​

  • Find more confidence, strength, better posture, improved movement and mood?

  • Maintain muscle tone, combat pain, improve your flexibility and boost your wellbeing?

  • Release an "All Or Nothing" fitness mentality and embrace "Progress Over Perfection"?

  • ​Build consistency to achieve long lasting results in a sustainable way?

  • Connect with a supportive community (and teacher, hey!) that challenges your body & mind to make the most of every movement - and every chapter - of your life.

  • Add classes that are Autoimmune and Hypermobility friendly to your movement routine?


Here’s the good news: there’s a class for that!​

Your Plan For Consistent, Enjoyable and Effective Exercise

Yoga Twist

1: Join Heather Corey Fitness
For just $18.99 usd per month, (with no lock in contracts) you get access to our ‘On Demand’ Pilates & barre classes, live classes with Heather, online support and our community of fabulous "flamingoes" all in it together, looking after ourselves.

Smiling Asian woman watching yoga instruction using a tablet

 2: Follow The Classes
You can choose the classes by category, so that you can find the classes that will suit you best. Choose the intensity level, the prop, the area of the body or the length of the class to optimize your time on the mat.

3: Maintain Strength & Move With More Ease
With a plan that’s achievable, you’ll be amazed by how quickly your confidence will grow as you notice positive changes in your body! 

What I Offer...

On-Demand Video

On-Demand movement classes that build core strength, restore posture & mobility, and renew energy in as little as 15 minutes a day. New on-demand videos are released each month.

Live Online Classes

Join us live online for weekly classes that help build consistency & provide you with workouts you’ll actually enjoy, which will get you
quick & sustainable results.

Supportive Community

With our monthly membership, you have unlimited opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. Unlimited on-demand and live stream PLUS a supportive, friendly community!

Kind Words from Happy Clients...

"Heather Corey Fitness is one of the best online programs. Heather articulates workout objectives and movement cues extremely well. Her use of props that work for every body and fitness level enhance the experience, however she clearly offers alternatives for varying levels of resistance training, load, etc. My personal favorites are stretch/barre workouts. The fluid yet strengthening movements are effective for me, as I suffer from RA. Heather and her workouts are enjoyable to participate in and produce great results. I highly recommend Heather Corey Fitness!"

Ready to start your online Journey?


Hi, I’m Heather – Your movement navigator & Barre BFF!

As a certified Barre, Essentrics®, Barre Above, Balletone & Pilates instructor, I’m committed to empowering you to feel strong, capable, and confident in all aspects of your life. I believe that a meaningful movement practice has the power to transform your entire being, regardless of your fitness level.

The goal of my online programs is to provide the support and guidance you need to move better, have more energy, and become the healthiest version of you. My online movement community is home to real people, making real changes to improve all aspects of their lives. No guilt, and definitely no judgement - just an authentic group of health-conscious humans moving toward something magical, celebrating one sustainable step at a time.


See you at the barre!

Certified Mat Pilates Instructor
Certified Essentrics Trainer
Certified Barre and Balletone Instructor
Over 20 years experience!

Join our flock!
You will have access to all live online and on-demand classes, taught by Heather, a certified Essentrics®, Barre, Balletone & Pilates instructor with over 20 years experience teaching. The classes cater to all levels, and are Autoimmune and Hypermobility friendly so you can find the perfect fit for your body.
Get ready to improve your mind-body connection,  maintain muscle tone, combat pain, improve your mobility and boost your wellbeing. 
We make  it easy to achieve your health goals with fun, engaging online pilates & barre classes.
Join our flock today!

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