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Find Your Balance Anytime, Anywhere!

Heather Corey Fitness offers a variety of feel good fitness classes that meet you where you are, on your schedule.

HCF Virtual Studio provides live and recorded fitness classes including barre and Pilates inspired classes that will help you find your balance, strength & flexibility anytime, anywhere!


There's Always Room At The Barre!


Feel good workouts
Anytime, Anywhere.

Classes from 5 -55 minutes.
Livestream and on demand.
Supportive community.

Kind Words...

"Heather Corey Fitness is one of the best online programs. Heather articulates workout objectives and movement cues extremely well. Her use of props that work for every body and fitness level enhance the experience, however she clearly offers alternatives for varying levels of resistance training, load, etc. My personal favorites are stretch/barre workouts. The fluid yet strengthening movements are effective for me, as I suffer from RA. Heather and her workouts are enjoyable to participate in and produce great results. I highly recommend Heather Corey Fitness!"

Wow...I cannot recommend Heather Corey Fitness enough. I have been to many fitness classes in my time and I invariably end up feeling awkward trying to get my body to do whatever it is the instructor has been teaching. Heather is an incredibly gifted teacher. The way she teaches I feel like I can actually do this! She offers very straightforward and easy to follow steps - and then pulls in fantastic images that help too...for example "feel your feet in the wet sand" or "sweep across the sky." She has a great positive attitude and every class is wonderful experience. I feel like every time I learn something new and after class I feel invigorated and a little stronger. The classes help me push my body to do new things, and Heather is great about showing ways to adjust the exercises for each individual. Thank you Heather for getting me hooked on fitness and improving my life. =)

Heather Corey is a fun, knowledgeable instructor. Her classes are fresh and fun. She is great at explaining her motions and gives lots of modifications. I have taken classes with her for several years.

Heather is a wonderful fitness instructor. So knowledgeable and she communicates exactly how, why, and exactly what each pose or stretch is designed to do.

I really enjoy doing Heather's live classes online, as well as being able to watch the videos at any time that works for me. I often download favorite classes to use again and again. I also love that I don't have to drive anywhere for class!


With more than 15 years in movement and fitness, Heather has taught classes and workshops to dancers, athletes, fitness professionals and people who want to stay fit, move and have fun.

She believes that movement should be FUN and empowering.

Teaching the methods of Pilates, Barre, Dynamic Stretching and Recovery Movement, Heather's goal is connecting with others while building a lifetime of movement and maintaining their physical and mental health no matter what obstacles came their way.


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