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Reel Barre
Barre & Pilates for Irish Dancers

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Strong foundations make stronger dancers. 
Please watch the FOUNDATIONS videos before viewing any of the class videos.

Breath & Relaxation

Breath is a vital part of dance. Breathing fully helps engage the core muscles, bring oxygen into your body and facilitate movement.
Dancers need relaxation as part of their training and recovery. Movement is never as good as it can be if you're holding tension.

Balance & Posture

Improving a dancer's balance balance and posture translates to improved movement in all directions and reduces their risk of injuries. If you have balance and alignment in posture, you will have less tension, better joint stability, more proprioception.


Proprioception is your awareness of range of movement. Gaining control and body awareness is essential for injury prevention.

Stability & Strength

 Joint instability, joint laxity and joint hyperextension can lead to pain, weakness and injury. 

Joint Stability = muscles working around joints to help support the joint through large ranges of motion. Proprioception also helps with stability.