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All of our classes are designed to be fun, effective and accessible!

Join our Virtual Studio membership for unlimited access to all livestream and recorded classes, PLUS join our amazing community of women who are doing the classes with you!

Our Reel Barre & Pilates program is designed specifically for Irish dancers wanting to improve strength, posture and technique.

Essentrics® - The name “Essentrics” is based on a technique known as eccentric movement that strengthens muscles and frees up movement. This is a unique, challenging program where the benefits extend out to other movement practices and sports and makes everyday living easier by improving range of motion and posture, increasing flexibility and rebalancing the muscles in the body.

Instructor Coaching - Are you a fitness instructor looking for some assistance with creating your choreography or playlist? Looking to make your cueing more accessible and effective for all populations in your class?  Let's work together to create a program that is uniquely you!

All of our classes and services focus on
Joy over Judgement
Progress over Perfection
Grace over Guilt

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