Suggested Props:

  • Ball (pillow)

  • Resistance band (old pair of tights)

  • 1-3lb small weights (water bottles)

  • Yoga blocks (large books)

  • Massage Ball (tennis balls)

  • 36 inch foam roller (rolled up mat)


Pilates Ball

9" Corgeous Pilates Ball for Barre, Core and Muscle Release.


Long Resistance Band

Long resistance band used for strengthening and stretching.


Fascia Release Ball

Roll away tight muscles and fascia with this massage ball set.


36" Foam Roller

Use the 36" foam roller for releasing tight muscles or fascia, or as a Pilates prop.


Light Hand Weights

1-2lb Hand Weights are perfect for Barre strengthening.


Loop Bands

Resistance loop band for booty work!

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HCF Logo Gear

Get your own HCF Flamingo logo gear!


Barre Gear

Cute Barre gear with some of your favorite barre quotes!

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Pineapple Clothing

Stretchy, silky leggings in lots of fun prints!  Use promo code heacor for 20% off!