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Waiver For Online Fitness Classes

Client Promise and waiver of liability:


As a client of online live and recorded classes led by Heather Corey of Heather Corey Fitness LLC, I will give my highest attention to my own well-being. 


I understand that if I move with care, intelligence, applied safety and self-awareness, then injury is unlikely.  Should injury occur, Heather Corey Fitness LLC,  and all other participants, employees and affiliates shall be absolved of all responsibility. It is my responsibility for the outcome of my movement, practice and participation in this class.  I will listen to my body and be patient with the growth process.


This waiver also applies to anyone who is participating with me using my computer or mobile device.

I understand that I should report any problems or concerns with my Doctor or Physician. I will keep my teacher informed of any changes to my health.


I have read the above student promise and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions above.

I have read the above waiver and clicking the button below verifies my "signature" for legal purposes regarding this waiver.

Thanks for submitting!

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