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On Demand

Here are tips to embrace Progress Over Perfection!

  • "If You Can't Do It All, Do Something Small"~ James Clear.  Make smaller commitments.

  • ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE SUCCESFUL and CELEBRATE (right away!) small steps!

  • Keep your focus ~ Don't be distracted by "All Or Nothing" approaches, comparison or diet culture.

  • Remember our goal is a lifetime of wellness. Movement and wellness is like brushing your teeth, it's not a "one and done" approach.  A long term approach is about gradual changes, small steps, big celebrations and always MOVING forward.

  • Give yourself grace.  Expect the unexpected. That's life. It's ok. You can still make progress. (Keep your focus!)

  • Don't lose sight of small incremental changes (creating new habits) that will support your goals.

You are beautiful, You are strong, Your are worthy, You are enough!

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